Case Study

Walgreens at the corner of happy & healthy
Walgreens is a Fortune 50 company with over 8,000 stores in the United States. Walgreens needed a better way to market, and manage their Immunization and Senior Outreach programs – one that could operate at the individual store level.


Gizmo Location Management and Franchise Marketing

Walgreens used our location management module to incorporate location and store details directly into their custom Gizmo site. Gizmo’s franchise marketing tools help Walgreens track new Immunization and Senior Outreach prospects, and helps each individual store track and schedule onsite events with their customers.

  • Online CRM of existing and new store prospects
  • New customer outreach tracked by region and individual store
    • Management of over 17,000 Walgreens users
    • Online scheduling
    • Custom management and in-store reporting



Since the start of the program, Gizmo has helped Walgreens substantially grow its immunization business, contact and contract with new customers, and better leverage in-store personnel in securing new immunization and senior outreach business.

  • More than doubled the number of immunization contracts closed since the start of the program
  • Electronic, and secure contracting for both Walgreens and its customers
    • Integration with national accounts
    • Backwards integration with internal Walgreens internet browsers and systems
    • Customized scheduling for Walgreens immunization customers