Case Study

A nearly 50 year old convenience store chain with more than 1,900 locations and over 33,000 employees.


Two years ago, the ordering and approval process for direct mail campaigns involved back and forth communication between field management, corporate, and Tribune Direct. Bi-monthly mailings encompassed hundreds of stores and the existing processes were almost entirely manual in nature. This created a broad production timeline stretching from store selection to count assignments to approving orders against available budgets.


Gizmo, Tribune Direct’s automated marketing platform, was applied to manage and facilitate all ordering information and related communication between field management, corporate and Tribune Direct. Gizmo allows for field management and corporate to immediately access relevant locations, counts, dates, and approvals using interactive maps and a centralized mobile-optimized platform.

  • Location and customer integration with Gizmo
  • Emails and mobile opt-ins for store managers
    • Online mapping of customer targets
    • Simplified approval process


A mailing program that was initially managed manually from start to finish with emails, spreadsheets, and days spent reviewing and approving store orders is now condensed into minutes for each district manager to complete their part in an efficient automated online tool.

The Gizmo managed opt-in program has been so effective and easy to use that in 2015 this convenience store chain decided to move from a bi-monthly program to a monthly program, effectively doubling the number of orders through Gizmo. Gizmo now coordinates most of the direct mail marketing for the growing brand.

  • Eliminated the need for individual store approvals
  • Simplified the process of customer targeting
    • Aggregated multiple orders into a simple, single ordering process
    • Increased store opt-ins by 30%
    • Reduced overall program administration from two weeks to two days