Data Security

Gizmo’s web service architecture was built from the ground up with rock-solid security in mind. For our healthcare customers, the site is currently HIPAA-compliant, and will achieve full SOC2 certification later this year.


Built for Security.

Your customer and list data is critical to the health of your business. We’ve built Gizmo from the ground up following the latest data security standards. Gizmo relies on modern web services and state-of-the-art authentication standards. Usernames and passwords are re-authenticated for every page visited on our site. User groups are clearly defined and monitored. And every change to your data is logged within the Gizmo framework.


Encrypted all the time.

Artwork and data files you upload to Gizmo are encrypted during the transmission process, and stored on encrypted servers. The databases we run to process your jobs are also fully encrypted. And when you pull data from the site, it’s transmitted back to you using the same, 128-bit data encryption standards.


Deleted when we’re done.

Unless you tell us otherwise, all of your data for a specific marketing action is deleted from our servers 60 days after that action is completed. We backup our servers, of course, but even these data records are scrubbed clean on the same 60 day cycle.


Stored in Gizmo. Not in the Cloud.

If you upload a file to Gizmo, it’s stored once on our Gizmo server, and once in the Gizmo marketing automation database. That’s it. No cloud-based services. No mirroring of data to other sources.