Franchise Marketing

Multiple locations create multiple marketing challenges. You want to enforce centralized corporate standards, while still letting your individual locations meet their changing marketing needs. Gizmo’s got you covered with simplified franchise marketing automation that gives your franchises flexibility, while still maintaining your essential corporate branding. Our one-page franchise ordering options let you drive successful, scalable marketing automation right from the site. All your franchisees need is a smart phone.

Opt-in Emails

Want to create a coordinated franchise marketing campaign? Gizmo can get you started with franchise marketing options that start with a simple email – one that’s tailored to each of your franchise managers. Your franchises can click an encrypted link in this email to move to a single page on the Gizmo site that lets them opt in, or out, of the marketing campaign. Most of our users do this right from their cell phones. No user names or passwords to remember, and no complex site to navigate. Just a simple, single web page tailored to each individual user.

Centralized Control

And, as your franchises opt in, opt out, and choose their creative options, you’ll get centralized control right from the Gizmo dashboard. You’ll be able to see the status of each of your locations, send reminder emails, and track overall campaign participation. Plus, you can see maps of your participating store locations that detail their marketing geographies, and list selections.

Streamlined Approval

Once the opt-in period has completed, your franchises will receive a final, approval email that details marketing cost, quantity, and in-home dates. This gives each of your locations the ability to view final proofs, and approve the finished campaign. They get the flexibility they want, and you get the centralized branding and message control you need.