Location Management

For many organizations, effective marketing means driving traffic to one or more locations. That’s why location management is central to the Gizmo framework. Our system allows you to build your marketing actions around your locations using a combination of an intuitive interface, and customizable business rules.

Better Business Rules

Chances are, if you have a lot of locations, you’d like to have some rules around how and when customers are contacted. In Gizmo, we can set up your locations with specific territories that manage customer contact by geography, demographics, or customer segment. We can also handle how new acquisition targets and uploaded lists are managed against your locations. Best yet, these business rules happen automatically, behind the scenes. So you can manage your marketing without getting tangled up in the data.

Manage Your Locations

Right from your first Gizmo order, you can enter your locations, and associate them with your marketing campaigns. Every location you enter will automatically be geocoded and checked for address accuracy against Google Maps. Got hundreds or thousands of locations to manage? We can tie Gizmo directly into secure data feeds for daily or weekly updates. And, of course, all of your locations are editable directly through our interface.

Map Your Results

You can associate every marketing action you create with one or more locations. And then, you can see maps of these locations with overlays showing uploaded lists, acquisition targets, and email addresses. Gizmo even allows you to add and edit geographic and demographic selections – right in an intuitive Google Map interface.