The Gizmo platform can be tailored for different organizations using over a dozen separate, fully configurable modules. We can enable or disable different modules to fit your specific marketing needs. This gives you maximum flexibility, and a simpler, more straightforward user experience.


List Selection

List Management

Upload a marketing file to our site, and it will automatically perform a series of tasks including: address cleansing, address and household de-duplication, and postal verification. From there, you can use the Gizmo interface to search for new marketing targets using hundreds of separate geographic and demographic criteria.


Opt-In Programs

Need to manage coordinated marketing events or franchise programs? Gizmo’s simple opt-in templates give you centralized control over your marketing, while giving your employees or franchise owners the ability to order and execute marketing actions from their own unique logins.

Online Proofing & Approval

Online Proofing & Approval

Sophisticated online proofing and approval is built into Gizmo from the ground up. You can mark up and edit any piece of artwork you upload to our site – including PDF and HTML files. Plus, we follow the same IT security standards with our proofs that we follow with our data. That is, only authorized users can see your proofs, and they are secured using the highest data encryption standards.

HIPAA Certified

Data Security

Gizmo follows all HIPAA and SOC2 data certification best practices. That means your important customer records are maintained using the highest possible data standards. In fact, data you upload to our site is kept in your own, private and secure database that is NOT mixed or managed with other Gizmo customer data.


Online Ordering

Drive your marketing actions with simple, powerful marketing templates. Gizmo’s ordering module integrates list, artwork and scheduling to create powerful campaigns. Our site integrates multiple locations, artwork templates, customer and acquisition lists, and dynamic reporting for results-driven marketing.

Location Management

Location Management

Effective marketing is about more than lists and artwork. It’s about how those campaigns work for your locations. For Gizmo users, you can order lists at the location level, or manage campaigns globally for hundreds of locations at once. So every location we manage through our system can be edited, updated, mapped, and reported on directly through the Gizmo interface.