Why You Need It

Gizmo strips out time, enhances security, and smooths out some of your most and time-consuming marketing actions. Our modules host your customer data, and allow you (or your coworkers, or franchisees) to take action on that data in ways that you can closely manage and control.


Control Your Message

If you’ve got franchises or multiple locations to manage, you know how hard it can be to keep your marketing campaigns coordinated, and on-point. Gizmo provides a host of tools to allow central coordinated control of artwork templates, customer data, acquisition targets, even in-home dates for your campaigns.


Get Others Involved

Gizmo automates the process of sending out (and collecting) artwork approvals. You’ll use it to allow some users in your organization to only manage data, while others can only upload art. And the site keeps logs of every action taken on every marketing action by every user. So you can give others the control they need, while still maintaining oversight of the process.


Keep It Simple

Got one location? Gizmo can streamline things so that every list you upload, or piece of art you manage follows your specific marketing rules. Got hundreds of franchises? We can give them the ability to order and approve their timed marketing actions right from their phones via a simple, easy-to-use email. No apps to download. No plugins to install.