Online Ordering

With Gizmo, ordering marketing campaigns online has never been easier, or more flexible. We can load up your templates, and give streamlined ordering options to you, your staff and your franchises. Plus, you can track and schedule your campaigns right from your smartphone.

Powerful Marketing Templates

Our templates provide a wealth of variable options and controls. You can offer different artwork to different customer segments, provide full color location maps, even vary the offer by recipient. Best yet, you don’t need to be a graphic artist to use the templates. In fact, most of our customers complete the ordering process in under 5 minutes.

Integrated Data and Artwork

Of course, artwork is only one part of a successful marketing campaign. You also need to target your message. And that’s where Gizmo really shines. We can manage your uploaded customer lists, and show you how they break down demographically. We can also provide email and mail acquisition targets to help you bring in new customers. And all of our data options are accessible through a simple, Google Map interface.


Flexible Reporting

Once Gizmo executes your campaign, we can also track results in near real-time. Gizmo can show you open and click-through rates for email, and postal tracking reports for every direct mail campaign you create. Pull reports by campaign, location, and even timeframe, and save them as MS Excel, Word or PDF formats. Need a custom report to cover your unique marketing needs? Gizmo can handle that, too.