What’s a Gizmo?

According to the dictionary, “a gizmo is any device that gets the job done.” And that’s really the perfect definition of our site. Gizmo is an online tool you can use for marketing automation that, quite simply, gets the job done. Without hours of hassle, or a steep learning curve, or hundreds of mouse clicks. You can use Gizmo to purify and secure your data, find new acquisition targets, proof your marketing actions in a secure site, and even manage hundreds (or thousands) of store locations. All through a simple user interface.


Your Data. Secure.

Upload a list into Gizmo, and we’ll encrypt it, cleanse it, and place it into its own, secure database. Plus, as soon as the list is uploaded, you’ll get a report back that shows you the quality of your data. Need more customers than are in your list? Supplement it easily from one of our national acquisition data sets.


Your Campaigns. Managed.

Want to set up different campaigns for this quarter? Done. Need to make sure that email and direct mail are sent out for your 2,000 locations to preset quantities? Handled. Need approval on your marketing from different folks in different locations? Easy. And all managed through Gizmo’s modular tools.


Your Marketing. Simplified.

But while Gizmo is extremely powerful, and easy to use, it’s not a single strategy solution. Rather, you can tailor the site to fit the needs of your organization, and your marketing. Gizmo’s modules work together to give you results you can measure, and drive your marketing success.